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Assemblymember Valencia Introduces Legislation to Create a Citizens Redistricting Commission in the County of Orange.

For immediate release:

Sacramento – Today, Assemblymember Avelino Valencia (D-Anaheim) introduced Assembly Bill 34 to create a Citizens Redistricting Commission in the County of Orange.  Currently, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for drawing supervisorial districts for the County, in accordance with Assembly Bill 849 (2019).  This bill would create an independent Citizens Redistricting Commission that would be charged with adjusting the boundary lines for the Orange County Board of Supervisors after each decennial federal census. 

The drawing and redrawing of electoral districts is a hotly contested process in American politics and in 2008 led to California voters approving Proposition 11.  This created the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, tasked with the responsibility of establishing district lines for the Assembly, Senate, and Board of Equalization.  

“Assembly Bill 34 advances the movement away from allowing California’s elected officials to draw their own district boundaries, and instead entrusting impartial, independent citizens redistricting commissions to do so.  AB 34 would empower the citizens of the County of Orange with an independent process designed to avoid partisan conflicts or favoritism in district plans. Furthermore, it protects voting rights and promotes equitable representation through the drawing of fair district maps.”