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Medi-Cal Renewal

Ways to renew your Medi-Cal

  1. Online

The quickest and easiest way to complete your renewal is online through BenefitsCal or MyBenefitsCalWIN.

 How to complete your renewal form through BenefitsCal

 How to complete your renewal form through MyBenefitsCalWIN

Complete your renewal online

  1. Mail

Follow the instructions on your renewal form.

  • Update any information that is wrong or has changed.
  • Make your updates right on the form.
  • No need to complete or send proof of non-income assets or property such as bank statements and car registration.
  • Remember to sign and date your form. 
  1. Phone

Find your local Medi-Cal office phone number.

  1. In Person

Visit your local Medi-Cal office for help submitting your renewal package.

Get help

For help completing your renewal form, contact:

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