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2023 Legislative Accomplishments

Assemblymember Valencia 2023 End of the Year Wrap Up

District Budget Wins

  • City of Orange Homeless Resource Center — $1 million for the City of Orange to enter into contract with the HUB OC (local nonprofit) to provide homeless services, such as but not limited to: hot meals, laundry services, showers, bathrooms, and hygiene other access, clothing, mail, cell phones and charging, haircuts, and bike repairs.
  • City of Anaheim Mobile Family ResourceCenter — $1.5 million for the Anaheim Community Services Department to expand their mobile resource center and serve 32 key Anaheim neighborhoods. The Mobile Family Resource Center provides food boxes, vaccinations, library services, city outreach programs, medical and mental health resources, as well as emergency financial assistance to help pay for food, transportation, groceries, and medical/utility expenses.
  • City of Anaheim Store One — $1 million for the City of Anaheim’s Store One Food Services Incubator and Job Training Center, which will allow new businesses in the food industry to benefit from the expertise of industry professionals and will provide access to specialized equipment, which will help further their success.

Legislative Summaries

  • AB 34 Orange County Independent Redistricting Commission — creates an independent redistricting commission for Orange County. The independent redistricting commission will be responsible for drawing the county supervisorial districts following the 2030 census and subsequent redistricting cycles. Ch. 315, Statutes of 2023
  • AB 342 Collecting Racial Equity Data — authorizes the Architect Board and Bureau of Real Estate to request demographic information from their licensees at the time of application or renewal. This data will be used by the respective professions to better understand how to increase DEI efforts. Ch.  200, Statutes of 2023
  • AB 470 Expanding Cultural Medical Equity  reaffirms the importance of increasing linguistic competency through cont.’ med. education (CME) courses and the importance of keeping CME standards for these courses updated on a frequent basis as determined by stakeholder input. Ch. 330, Statutes of 2023
  • AB 648 Virtual HOA Meetings — allows homeowner associations (HOAs) to meet via teleconference. Ch. 203, Statutes of 2023.
  • AB 721 Modernizing District Budget Notices— removes the statutory requirement for county superintendents to publish district budget meeting notices in local newspapers on January 1, 2027, and allows these notifications to be posted online by the districts. Ch. 811, Statutes of 2023.
  • AB 1068 Improving Communications Access at the CPUC — allows written ex parte communications to take place at the CPUC if the Commission modifies a proposed decision during the quiet period. Ch. 826, Statues of 2023.
  • AB 1355 Employer E-Delivery — allows employees to opt-in and electronically receive employer-mandated documents. Ch. 277, Statutes of 2023
  • AB 1483 Sensible Firearm Purchases — eliminates the private party transaction exemption and requires require consumers to wait 30 days before acquiring another firearm. Ch. 246, Statutes of 2023
  • AB 1578 Clarifying Insurance Licensees — aligns the requirements for email correspondence with those of printed documents, thus clarifying the law for licensees and California consumers. Ch. 280, Statutes of 2023

Audit Request

  • Emergency Audit of the City of Anaheim — to review the public funds the City of Anaheim disbursed to the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and Visit Anaheim, and to look into whether they have fulfilled their contractual obligations.